professornana (professornana) wrote,

I am baaaack!

Took a break from all the internet stuff for a couple of days. Must admit it felt a tad strange not to check email and FB and Twitter, but they all seemed to survive without me. Sniff. I did read a couple of books yesterday. One was a waste of a tree, so we will simply move to the second book.

From Orca comes JUGGLING FIRE by Joanne Bell. This is the story of a teen who decided to head off accompanied only by her dog. She hopes to reach the cabin where her father stayed when he needed to get away from it all. Her father left some time ago and never returned or was found. The rest of Rachel's family has accepted that he is dead. Rachel needs more. So off she heads. It is a grueling journey across the northern Yukon, one fraught with dangers. When her dog is attacked by a bear, the journey becomes even more important. She needs to reach the safety of the cabin and save the life of her dog.

The two narrative lines (the real time account Rachel keeps of her journey and the memories of her childhood with her father) are kept nicely separate using plain and italicized type faces will assist readers who might otherwise find this technique confusing. Rachel's trip and the dangers from nature will attract readers who enjoy the works of Hobbs and Paulsen. This is a quick read with relatively short chapters, perfect for reluctant and struggling readers.
Tags: adventure and survival, ya books
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