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those pink books again

Thanks to Lola for sending me a copy of TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HOLLYWOOD STARLET which I read from cover to cover yesterday afternoon. I was totally absorbed in this diary of a young actress who is sent to Podunkville to recover from her addictions and perhaps find some normalcy in her life. Morgan Carter must somehow lay low as Claudia, new student in Fort Wayne Indiana. Claudia stays with one of her mother's friends, Trudy, and tries hard to pass for a normal teen. However, all of the events of her young life are conspiring to keep her from succeeding in this phase of her rehab. She misses the glamour, the money, the parties. She is royally angry with her mother, impatient with most of her teachers, and still anxious to find a way to fit in more comfortably.

What do I love about this book?
--the diary format which opens the book with the fabulous line: "My mother is trying to kill me."
--the format that switches from epistolary (ooh, big words, huh?) to narrative text to some interesting side conversations told in different type face and style
--Claudia's love of shopping at Target
--Trudy's mother hen/bulldog affection for Claudia
--Eli and Emily, the twins who befriend Claudia
--the bitchiness of some of the girls at school, most notably Debbie
--the guidance counselor, Janet Moore
--the fact that there will be a sequel

As in the case of FIREGIRL, one of the things I admire most is that the author does not make this a simplistic story about recovery and redemption. Claudia has to fight for every moment of normalcy. Her demons do not disappear. In short, as Claudia herself observes, there is no Hollywood ending here.

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