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looking back

Y'Tin is a teenager in a small village in Vietnam. His dream of becoming an elephant handler has been realized; he spends the time he is not in school tending Lady, a pregnant elephant. Y'Tin's father assists the US military in some of their missions since he is a master tracker. However, once the army departs, the village is prey to bands of North Vietnamese armies who are seeking revenge on anyone who assisted the US troops. As word of an approaching army from the North comes to the village, Y'Tin and his communioty prepare to flee. Not everyone makes it out of the village though. Y'Tin and others are herded together, forced to dig a mass grave, and face certain execution. Kadohata's novel sheds light on little known aspects of the Vietnam War. Additionally, the action and adventure nature of the novel as readers follow Y'Tin into the jungle seeking freedom is fast paced and will appeal to a wide readership.
Tags: vietnam
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