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packing and wrapping

Had great intentions for finishing off a couple of books today. But the resident had to play at the Christmas Parade. Then we needed to wrap the gifts for our sharing Mass tomorrow. And I thought it might be good to pack since I leave for California in the morning. Before I knew it, dark.

Most of the end of the year lists have been posted. The starred review accumulations, the picks for best, even the shortlists for some of YALSA's awards are all creating buzz. Which books will be mentioned at the press conference at ALA Midwinter? Several titles have emerged on many lists, and they might just be ones whose titles are lauded by the various committees.

However, even though I love the lists and have served on my share of award committees, I do want to remind everyone that there are hundreds of worthy books that might never get a nod were it not for the librarians and teachers who read them and took them into a classroom or a library and shared them with students. If someone had not read some books and talked about them with colleagues, we might have to be satisfied only with the dozens of award winners instead of the hundreds of other books that might just be THE entry point for a lifetime of reading for one student. So, keep reading beyond the lists. You are sure to uncover a gem of a book that deserves more readership.

Happy reading. With any luck, I will complete a few books tomorrow during the flight. I will check in from the west coast then. Peace.
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