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where did the day go?

So, after a night of little sleep and lots of coughing, I woke determined to finish grading today. Sat down to begin and newlywed called to see if we wanted to have lunch with her. She was in the area for jury duty. Well, we did lunch then ran some errands. I did come home and grade then. I can now say all work is graded including the portfolios submitted by our soon-to-be graduates. I cannot record grades until next week, though. Drat.

While we were out, I had the car inspected. The station had a copy of newlywed's high school yearbook on the shelf so hubby and I walked down memory lane looking at photos from 2004. Seems a lifetime ago.

Now I can move on to getting some of the materials ready for my spring classes. The university is changing our CMS platform from Blackboard to eCollege. We had the training, but the folks in charge have yet to move our materials over to the new platform so we can begin putting things together. Makes me crazy as students will be asking for access to coursework during the holidays. Ah well, need to just do what I can and let the rest go.

Now, time to feed the kitties. Scout has been circling me for some time to make sure I know that, too. I hope to get back to some reading tomorrow and over the weekend.
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