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tooting someone else's horn, er, flute

This is the resident of the back bedroom from the back of her letter jacket. This week she lettered academically for the second time and now will add a regional band patch. At competition yesterday, the resident placed first in region in flutes. I can attest to her work ethic since the music was made available to the band in late summer. Since then, hubby and I (and Scout) have listened to the resident progress from tortured note playing to the type of playing that earned her first chair. To say we are proud is an understatement.

To keep this all in perspective lest you think resident is some sort of uber teen, she left her cell phone behind yesterday morning. She forgot to pack a lunch (I remembered though, so she did not go without). And sometimes, she just doesn't "get it." She keeps me amazed and amused. I brought her back an autographed copy of SORCERESS by Michael Scott which she DEVOURED over the weekend. Her only complaint was that now she had to hunt down the other titles. I assured her I had them and would locate them and bring them home sometime soon. What a kid.
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