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Sprouting some new ideas

Yesterday I posted a rant about narrow thinking. If you have not read the comments posted, you might want to give it a look. I responded to one comment there. Now, I think I will move on to the usual business and talk about the book I read today.

SPROUT stands out in his new school. His hair is green and he is not wearing the unofficial school uniform. Oh, and he is gay. And Sprout has a secret, one that he might just reveal before the story ends. Daniel, SPROUT, moves with is father from NY to Kansas following the death of his mother. Dad is an alcoholic (and no, those are not his secrets, either). He forges ahead without much assistance until a high school English teacher discovers that Scout is one talented writer. She enlists him as the school's applicant for a statewide essay contest, tutors him over the summer, and ends up dating Sprout's father.

Sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of, no? But Sprout is a survivor, a snarky and self aware survivor at that. Humor, pathos, twists and turns (in the words of our intrepid narrator, "didn't see that coming, did you??"), and perhaps some redemption.

I am declaring tomorrow (Thursday) as NO NARROW THINKING DAY. Join me?
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