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3 willows

Ama, Jo, and Polly were once fast friends. Now, they have grown apart, and each is heading off in a different direction for the summer. Ama thinks she is going to Andover and ends up on a wilderness adventure growing blisters the size of ping pong balls. Jo takes a job as a bus boy (make that bus girl) at an oceanside restaurant and longs to hang out with the older wait staff. Polly is determined to become a model and is almost starving herself in an effort to appear more like the models in her magazines. Of course, there is more to each of the girl's stories, and in the capable hands of Ann Brashares, their stories come alive. From the creator of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS comes a new series with new characters. Yes, there are mentions of the sisterhood who by now have reached almost mythical proportions at their high school. But these girls are their own individuals who discover this summer that they still need one another.
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