professornana (professornana) wrote,

almost recovered

Up early to prepare our personal Thanksgiving Day, just me, the resident of the back bedroom and the hubby. Green bean casserole, fresh (and sugar fee) cranberry sauce, turkey, mashed potatoes. Nothing fancy--just comfort holiday food and a chance for us to share a quiet meal. Now the resident is making a sandwich (we ate at lunch, another tradition) and hubby is working a dit-dot contest (he is a ham radio operator) and Scout is sleeping off his share of the turkey. Me? I read a book for a VOYA review called UNDEAD MUCH? by Stacey Jay. Think of it as Gossip Girls meet Thriller. Basic plot: one of the pom squad is a zombie fighter at her high school. Lots of blood and gore combined with make up, hairdos, and making out scenes in the back seat of the car. Should be immensely popular. Here is the cover:

Now it is time for some down time in front of the TV.
Tags: thanksgiving, ya, zombies
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