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ALAN day One reflections

So, my laptop died late yesterday afternoon, so I did not have the chance to talk about two things.

The Walden Award ceremony, chaired by Daria Plumb, was lovely. Jacqueline Woodson read from AFTER TUPAC AND D FOSTER. Then winner of the first ever Walden Award, Steve Kulger, spoke about his book: MY MOST EXCELLENT YEAR. If you have not read these books and the other three from the short list, please do so (GRACELING, GRAVEYARD BOOK, ME THE MISSING AND THE DEAD).

Then, it was off to dinner with the lovely and award winning Wendy Lamb (who won the Hipple Award; see earlier post). Joining us: Jim Blasingmae (incoming PreZ of ALAN), David Gill (outgoing past prez of ALAN, Jean Brown, and Marshall George). Dinner at Maggiano's was family style and we are indeed a family. Wonderful meal.

Electricity went out in the middle of the night but my phone alarm woke us in time to grab coffee and head down to Day Two. I will be tweeting from here (ProfessorNana).

Oh, and I got to see the handsome new college student, Baker Beers, a freshman at U Penn and son of Kylene, our now Past Prez of NCTE.
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