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It is not easy to arise and get down to a meeting at 8 am when the previous evening went late (thanks Victoria for the lovely dinner with Sara Zarr, Sarah Ockler). But I am sitting here and have already heard 4 authors in an hour. Greg Maguire opened the workshop followed by David Klass, Todd Strasser, Adrian Fogelin, Sarah Dessen, and Deb Caletti (oh, that's 6 authors but some have not spoken yet on this panel).

Gave away most of my box of books to three teachers sitting behind me. I took one look and knew they were early career. They teach HS in Connecticut and were thrilled to get more books to take back to the students. I think I can add the few I kept to my luggage and still be within my weight limits.

Pet Peeve:

Several authors have gone WAY over their time limits. Not naming names here, but how arrogant! Will post more later. You can follow me on Twitter for more updates. Thunderchikin is also tweeting as is LizB and a few others. Hashtag is #ALAN2009.

Crutcher was terrific (not surprising in the least). Now panel with Chris Carlton Brown (HOPPERGRASS) and E Lockhart (Frankie, BOY Book, Treasure Map, etc.). Before lunch, Matt de la Pena, Maureen Johnson, Patricia McCormick, and Ben Saenz. SQUEE!!!!

Next year, we are in Orlando. Make plans now to come to ALAN.
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