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20 November 2009 @ 06:20 am
NCTE, Day One  
Yesterday's opening workshop in Philly was packed. The room was so poorly arranged that I bet half of the folks there could not see a thing (big column in middle of room, screen set far in one corner). We had to bring in chairs before I could begin (darn!). Joan Kaywell chaired with her usual measure of energy and asked everyone to join ALAN. I talked books for 70 minutes and then sat down dripping sweat. After the session, we went to the Middle School Get Together to listen to Cris Tovani. Another overly packed room with no open chairs. So, we stood outside. That proved fortuitous as I ran into loads of friends. Jim Burke, Bob Probst, Kylene Beers (and her husband and daughter, too) and scads of others came and went as we stood and gulped down what I think was Hawaiian Punch (we spare no expense at conference). Dinner was snacks in concierge lounge where even more NCTE friends had gathered (shout out to Spring Branch folks).

Today is my husband's bday. I am always gone to NCTE for this, but I assure you he was showered with gifts and meals out and a card is waiting for him at home. Now, shower is on order. Have sessions that begin early and go to the end of the day. Will tweet and perhaps blog from them as I can.

Happy Friday. Happy Bday, H.
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David Lubardavidlubar on November 20th, 2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
Hey -- I'm heading down early afternoon. I'll probably hang out at the exhibits for a while. This is exciting.