professornana (professornana) wrote,

Frank. Modo, Jekyll, Socrates, and me

I have spent the last several days listening to Art Slade's THE HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS in audio form. From the opening passage that sets up a mysterious and sinister plot to the final throes of a battle between the evil Dr. Hyde's mechanical destructive machine powered by children (and Prince Albert) this is a riotous romp of an adventure. Meet Modo, a baby abandoned near Notre Dame and reared by Mr. Socrates to become part of his spy network of young people recruited from abandoned children (shades of Oliver Twist). Modo is set to the task of discovering what he can about a secret society. What he uncovers are the machinations (literally) of Dr. Hyde in his laboratory far below the streets. Why is Hyde conducting these inhuman experiments? Can Modo and Octavia (his partner in espionage) stop Hyde and rescue the children Hyde is using for his nefarious plots?

Take a soupcon of Jekyll/Hyde, add in some elements of Frankenstein and the Hunchback of Notre Dame along with some 007 and other literary allusions, and you have some idea of the great good fun that awaits you with this story. Steampunk, adventure, mystery, tragedy, comedy: all come together in a fast paced tale brought to life in this pitch perfect audio.

Please, sir, may I have some more?
Tags: steampunk
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