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Spent all of today speaking to 8th graders about books. I generally confine this activity to the fall when I am not quite so tired and kids are not quite so jaded. However, today was a reschedule from the Hurricane Rita debacle. So, armed with about 20 books, I headed south to a middle school in a Houston suburb. I saw all the 8th graders in the school in 3 sessions. Picture 150 kids on the floor of the library and me armed only with books. Actually, it is only scary until I get started and get their attention. Then, it is too much fun to watch these kids react to the books. Of course, they will never come right up and tell me they enjoyed themselves, but word got back by the end of the day that kids were asking for WHISPERS FROM THE DEAD, MONSTER, OTHERS SEE US, JACK ON THE TRACKS, HARRIS AND ME, NO MORE DEAD DOGS, RUNNER, CODE ORANGE, and more. And since I told them the Grimm version of Cinderella, the 398.2 section of Dewey was finally noticed. I even had a few minutes between sessions to read about a third of the new M.E. Kerr book I actually bought yesterday on impulse at Borders.

Looks like we will have a rainy weekend, perfect for completing a few more of the books that are stacking up next to me.
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