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Moose is back

Moose is still living on Alcatraz Island with Al Capone and the rest of the residents in this sequel to Al Capone Does my Shirts entitled AL CAPONE SHINES MY SHOES. Moose's sister, Natalie, is now attending a special school in the city for children with problems (readers will recognize her as being on the autism spectrum though in 1935 we did not have a name for this) thanks, Moose is certain, with some help from Mr. Capone. Now Al wants something in return. Can Moose fulfill his demands without putting anyone into jeopardy?

Budding romances (foiled by nosy neighbor kids), friendships in crisis, prisoners who seem innocuous: Choldenko has a cast of characters who delight and entertain readers with their antics. Spot-on portrayals of the fickle nature of friends and relationships is what will engage readers. A fast paced and adventure filled plot will keep them turning pages. Moose's return is welcome indeed.
Tags: sequels
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