professornana (professornana) wrote,

"Sun"day Sunday

Two days of incredibly gorgeous weather. So nice after the rains of last week here and in Missouri. Yesterday we had the chance to see the new digs of the newlyweds. Had lunch with them then shopped for a dress for the resident of the back bedroom who will be confirmed next Sunday, bought luggage at the going-out-of-business Samsonite outlet, and then came home to a quiet Halloween evening.

Church this morning (and it was easy to spot those who had not turned clocks back) and lunch and now time to read in my jammies. Great weekend.

I read this one this morning. WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS by Fran Slayton gives readers a once a year glimpse into the life of Jimmy Cannon, son of a railroad worker, and teen during the early 40s. Each short chapter covers a Halloween's day in the life of the Cannon family. Halloween is the birthday of Jimmy's father, a red letter day to be sure. Over the course of this slim novel, we see history (particularly the history of the Cannon clan) unfold. There is humor and pathos and joy and triumph in the stories. Though set in a different time and place, there is plenty here for contemporary readers.
Tags: reading, sunday
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