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who knows where the time goes?

So, the week \of workshops is over and I am sitting in the St. Louis airport waiting for my flight to Houston. Since it is raining here and there, I suspect I will be delayed. But it is providing me the time to finally post more than a paragraph. I have been getting out of hotels early and driving to libraries and then packing up at the end of the workshop, climbing into my car and driving hours to the next hotel. Lather, rinse, repeat stuff. I do think I have seen at least 60% of the state in my journey from Kansas City to Springfield to Columbia to St. Louis. I know I have climbed in and out of the mountains and traversed some humongous lakes and rivers, skirted fields, passed grazing cows, seen my share of wildlife (er, make that dead-life), and enjoyed every minute.

The libraries are to DIE FOR here. One was a former lumberyard (Springfield). One had an "egg" where they have programs for kids. All of them had energetic and dedicated librarians who put up with my shenanigans for all day workshops on tweens.

During the drive, Tobin Anderson's JASPER DASH AND THE FLAMING PITS OF DELAWARE kept me company. I am happy that most of the time I was on back roads because I was laughing so hard and loud folks on the interstate might have suspected me of inebriated driving. This piece of metafiction is a perfect spoof of so many books: the travel books of long ago that painted foreign countries as something exotic and dangerous, the series books of the 40s and 50s about plucky youth. Jasper and his pals (in peril), Katie and Lilly, head to Delaware to rescue a friend and some stolen museum artifacts. Chief suspects: mobsters and members of the Delaware competitive staring team (which defeats the hitherto undefeated Jasper). Off to Delaware and the mountains and the monks (yes, monks). Part Indy Jones, part Tom Swift, part everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink. It was a perfect companion for my travels.

Tags: audiobooks, missouri
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