professornana (professornana) wrote,

travels with Tobin

Left Carrollton (Missouri) and drove 250 miles to Springfield yesterday afternon after my first workshop. Am listening to M.T. Anderson's PALS IN PERIL. Perfect companion for this journeyo through Missouri. Head to Columbia after today's workshop and plan to finish the audio.

Yesterday, I asked the workshop participants to envision their perfect tween space. Money was no object. What would they want? Answers:

a separate area with seating not intended for adults
multiple copies of the books that they love
audio "centers"
plenty of computers
art supplies
a tween librarian
room for conducting programs so they could be noisy as needed
display area for their work

Wish I had seen this piece from PW earlier, but it is fascinating. Would love to see more details. Check it out:

Now off to shower, grab coffee and grub, and head to the library.
Tags: books, missouri, reading, tweens
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