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Chick lit is alive and well. During the past 2 years, the Quick Picks Committee has cone to call some books "pink" books. The covers are pink and the contents are for chicks. So, I know what I was getting into when I read HAZING MERI SUGARMAN today. This Simon Pulse novel graces the cover of the spring catalog for Simon and Schuster, so I figured I would start with it (also, Corrie is already begging me for it). I loved this quick romp through a sorority from hell. Cindy Bixby pledges Alpha Beta Delta because her mother was once President of the sorority. At first, she is in heaven because current prez, Meri Sugarman, takes her under wing, creating a silk purse from a sow's ear. Then, Cindy learns that Meri keep control of everyone and everything in her life through not so subtle blackmailing. Pledges become Meri's flunkies and are made to do more than embarrassing stunts. The last straw is when Keith, Meri's boyfriend, falls for Cindy. Now, Meri is out for blood, literally.

Okay, this was way too much fun to read as it poked fun at every single stereotype known to college kids. There is hint of a sequel on the inside back cover which will no doubt please the girls who plow through this funny novel.

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