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reading with a different purpose

I spent most of the day reading. However, this was reading of a slightly different nature and purpose. I was reading the last page proofs for my forthcoming book from Heinemann, READING LADDERS. Good thing, too, since I discovered that the pull quotes for each chapter had disappeared from the normal text. That left some ideas hanging out there seemingly with no connection to the paragraph. Thankfully, that has been fixed, and the text reads so much better now.

For the most part, I find it interesting to read the manuscript after having it put aside for a month or two. Already there are some areas I might address with a new approach and there are TONS of new titles I would include. But, by and large, I am happy with this book and hope it meets with some measure of success. I often remark that I still shake my head when I say, "my third book." I never ever thought I would write a book let alone more than one. And yet, here I am, proofreading #3. The writing and revising and editing also gives me some small glimpse into the work of those I admire including Laurie Halse Anderson and Alex Flinn who both celebrate their birthdays today.
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