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picture book Thursday

Yesterday was a catch-up (well, try to) at the office, so there was little time to sort through books and read any before heading home. So, I thought I would take some time today to do a quick round up of some new books from Boyds Mills and its imprints. All are 2009 titles and are available.

Three books are perfect for reading aloud to toddlers and deal with fears most kids experience.

RAF is a stuffed giraffe who takes off on a whirlwind global adventure. He sends postcards home to his owner reporting on his travels. While Raf is having a good time, though, his owner is pining for his bedtime companion.

OLIVER AT THE WINDOW is the tale of a boy new at preschool. His parents have moved into separate homes and Oliver never is sure who will come to pick him up from school. Eventually, Oliver copes with the changes and even helps a new classmate do the same.

PET SHOP LULLABY features a hamster who cannot sleep at night. Other residents of the pet shop help by giving him a bath, singing him lullabies and even reading him a book. When day comes, the other animals are raring to go; only hamster wishes it were quiet enough for sleep.
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