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the circle of life

Spent some time today driving up Bear Mountain in New York admiring the trees in all their Crayola glory. Colors that defy description: shades found only in nature. I was thuinking during that drive about a myriad of things: I am generally the one behind the wheel and do not get a chance often to contemplate, to observe, to reflect

I thought of Norma Fox Mazer who lost her battle with cancer last week. I had been following her final time on Care Pages. It was more and more difficult to write short notes to Anne and the rest of Norma's family. I knew what was coming having kept the same watch myself 7 years ago. Brilliant Norma, what a loss.

Norma Fox Mazer came to our conference in Huntsville years ago. Ever the caring person, Norma wrote a lovely thank you to me (I still have it) with cartoon characters talking about their conference experience. So, I remember Norma Fox Mazer as someone with a sly sense of humor, someone who always seemed surprised that others found her work so important in their lives, someone who spoke passionately about books and kids.

Fall is a time for changes. The leaves change colors splendidly. Norma's departure is a difficult, not splendid, change. But her books remain; they will awaken new generations of readers.
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