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picture book Tuesday

Well, it is Day #2 of the NCATE Visit. We are all in our offices waiting for various meetings to begin and/or end. So, I took a few books aside for a quick read and blog.

TROUBLE GUM by Matthew Cordell (Feiwel and Friends, 2009) shows Ruben and Julius enjoying some bubble gum from Grandma. Despite the warnings, of course, there is much playing with the gum which ultimately makes a huge mess. Reminiscent a bit of OLIVIA by Ian Falconer, the comedy of the art embellishes the spare text. Anyone who has entreated a child to keep the gum in the mouth will recognize the disaster in the making. Clever end papers frame the story as well.

YONDERFEL'S CASTLE is a medieval fable by Jean Gralley. King Yonderfel is a generous King whose kingdom is threatened by an ogre-ish landlord. However, Yonderfel is unfailingly generous even though it may put his own welfare at risk. (Holt, 2009)

AN EYE FOR COLOR by Natasha Wing (Holt, 2009) is the story of artist Josef Albers who saw art in the simplest of forms and objects. His experiments with form and color won his critical acclaim. Art teachers will find this a useful book to add to their curriculum. However, even preschool teachers can use some of the work of Albers to teach children about color.
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