professornana (professornana) wrote,

rain rain go away

Drove to San Antonio in the rain Friday. Drove back in the rain Saturday. Drove to church and up to campus in the rain yesterday. Back to campus today in the rain. OK, I know we had a drought going on, but I think we are officially caught up now. In any event, welcome to Monday. Time for a picture book round up. It might be limited to just this one depending on the interruptions.

I love this full circle story, A BOOK OF SLEEP (Knopf). An owl is awake while all the other animals are asleep. We see owl's observations about how other animals sleep: some with eyes open, some solitary, etc. Then, when the rest of the world awakes, owl goes to sleep.

Perhaps a few more before I leave the office. Our NCATE visit is this week, and we are on high alert (though our meetings with them have been quite congenial and our department has already passed with flying colors and been noted as exemplary)....
Tags: ncate, picture books, rain
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