professornana (professornana) wrote,

change of pace

The last Elizabeth Scott I read was LIVING DEAD GIRL. Her latest offering, SOMETHING MAYBE, is a real change of pace: a light and funny romance novel. Who knew? Well, the cover was a dead giveaway, I guess, but I was listening to this book as I drove through the wind and rain to San Antonio.

Hannah has some rather unusual parents: her father (who lives in NY) is a former playboy who still behaves like one complete with his own reality TV show. He has had little contact with Hannah for years. Her mother is a former TV star who runs a web site now for her fans. Clad in seductive clothing, she is hardly the model mother. Hannah works for a burger joint, answering phones and taking orders. The one good thing in her life is that on e of her co-workers, Josh, is dreamy, perfect for her if only he were available.

Though predictable for adult readers, I suspect most teens will find this romance more than satisfying. I find it fascinating to see the range of the author in these two books.
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