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Great chilly day to spend inside reading. When the Printz was announced, I realized that I had not read the Zusak book and wondered how I had let that one get past me. Then, last week in class, one of my students handed it to me reminding me she had borrowed it from me several months ago. Aha! So, I read it today. I have to admit that, at the beginning of the novel, I thought this would be a winner that I would not like terribly much. However, it did not take me too long to fall into the world of Ed Kennedy and his family and friends. Ed is leading a less than wonderful life, driving a taxi and drinking and playing cards. His life is full of arguing and not a little whining. A message scrawled on a playing card changes Ed's life and his own outlook on life as he is instructed to change the lives of those he does not even know and then eventually the lives of those he loves.

I must admit I had fun interpreting the message of the Ace of Hearts and wondered how the novel would come to a satisfying close. Zusak proved again that he can tell a story full of grit and despair but with that wonderful glimmer of hope running through it.
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