professornana (professornana) wrote,

in the spirit of the new FTC ruling...

I wonder how many bloggers will either ignore the crazy new FTC rules or shut down their blogs? I think I will go on as usual and see where it all falls out. It should be no surprise that I receive books from publishers. For the most part, I receive books for one of three reasons or some combination thereof:

1. I am serving on a committee and the books are sent for committee consideration.
2. Publishers send me books because I not only blog them, I use them in classes and workshops and my books and articles. It is free, good PR for the books.
3. I request a title.

And let me say that I also purchase books, too. When you read my postings here, many of the books are ones that were sent to me free of charge (and, I might add, without ANY expectations that I will post something here or elsewhere). I read them, decide which ones to add to the blog and presentations. Then, almost all of the books are donated to school and public libraries. I pass the books on to other readers. I do not intend to insert a disclaimer into every presentation, blog, or whatever. I think folks trust me to be objective in my assessments.

What has irked me no end about all of this is that it's the little guys who are feeling this pressure. All of the swag given to celebs and free stuff given to editors of columns other than book reviews and it is the bloggers who draw fire? So, now I will post some thoughts about my latest read in a separate entry. FTC, come get me. I am guilty of accepting free books and then giving them to schools who cannot afford to purchase them. Guilty.
Tags: blogs, free stuff, ftc ruling, insanity
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