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panel of programs getting books to kids

Johannes Gebregeorgis is talking about getting books to kids in Ethiopia through his brain child, Ethiopia Reads. His own childhod was marked by books that changed his life (he said some made him a rebel ; > ) and developed his young mind. His encounter with books and stories continued throughout his adolescence and included American romance novels and others. Became a TEXAN when he came to the US to go to college to study. Attended UH and UT. Became a librarian. Worked in SF Public Libraries. Visited Ethiopia in 1991 and saw there were no libraries, no books for children. What could a librarian do except collect books and send them to Ethiopia. Founded Ethiopia Reads in 1998 and established first children's library in 2003 with assistance from Jane Kurtz. Delivered books via donkey in some places.

Jane Meyers talked about establishing LUBUTO LIBRARIES in Zambia and Southern Africa. It began with a "library" of books in a shipping container. In 2005, built the first Lubuto Library. It is a sustainable project and not charity. It has to be able to keep itself going.

Finally, Arvind Kumar talked about his project in India where 35% population is under the age of 15. 95% of country are poor and only 32 million pay taxes in a population over 1 billion. Libraries do not exist or are in a poor state. He helped establish Scholastic in India to serve children through book clubs and book fairs. Reached over a million children but knew it had to do more. Now, more than 69000 schools have books.

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