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More thoughtfulness from IBBY

This afternoon opens with a session featuring two of the Andersen Medalists: Ana Maria Machado and Katherine Paterson. Machado talked about how literature helps worlds meet. Readers, she says, "appropriate" text. I love this verb. Art of words (literature) goes beyond everyday life. Inner worlds are created in response to an outer world provocation. "Otherness", such as seen in her ANITA BONITA, can bring worlds together.

Here is Machado delivering her remarks. She read aloud one of her books not in translation. WHAT A PARTY! (Mas Que Festa!) based on "if" clauses about possibilities of a party in Brazil. She then showed the Spanish and French translations of the text and illustrations that had to be adapted to demonstrate how different countries envision the same text. BRILLIANT!

Now Katherine Paterson delivers her remarks.

She was not always sure what she would be when she grew up: missionary or movie star. "Emotional memory" of her childhood: not the memories but how she felt. Her mother related stories to her of her childhood. Her child is at the center of all she writes. "Buck up old girl, someday you're gonna make a mint out of all this," Paterson said she never once thought this. However, a librarian gave her comfort in books such as THE SECRET GARDEN.

Her latest book is based on a family she knew, refugees from Albania. The book began as one of the serials Avi asked authors to write and published weekly in newspapers.

We need, she observes, to translates more books here in the US.
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