professornana (professornana) wrote,

my not-so brilliant fall

I love flying to conferences as it gives me time to read without too much interruption. Almost 3 hours on the plane today to Chicago and then another hour to Q Center in the 'burbs gave me time to finish two books. But first, the fall. I was trying to lug my suitcase and my backpack and purse up steps at the Q Center when something went wrong (slick floor from the rain or 50 pound suitcase being tugged up steps yes, steps! or combination thereof) resulted in me falling. Not pretty, I can assure you. I suspect I will see bruises tomorrow but clothes will cover them. Plan to take some ibuprofen now and then stretch out for some recuperation before dinner.

But first, the books. Somehow it seems fitting that I read Kate Messner's (yes our own LJer) THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. Loved it. Gianna is a gifted cross country runner with s few stumbling blocks in her life. One is the fact that, from time to time, her Dad drives her to school in the hearse (the family runs a funeral home). Bianca, mean girl extraordinaire, is vying for her place on the cross country team. G's Nonna seems to be forgetting a lot lately. And then there is the leaf project. Oh, Kate! As a parent who has had to endure three wildflower projects (one for each of the current and former residents of the back bedroom), I knew exactly how Gianna felt. Talk about empathy.

I loved G's younger brother, always ready with a riddle or knock knock joke. Nonna is a prize. And then there is Zig, Gianna's smart and funny and helpful friend who is a boy. This was a perfect book for my trip over the skies of the great midsection of the country. Far funnier, I might add, than the awful sitcoms I watched last night on a network I will not name but it is kinda like the alphabet song. Thanks, Kate, for making it a wonderfully warm flight.

Tags: falling, flying, tween books
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