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time out for reading

Spent most of this morning working on various projects including catching up with grading and emails. Took a quick break to enjoy these books.

In DEAR VAMPA young Pire (his name is Bam, Bam Pire) writes to his grandfather complaining of the new neighbors, the Wolfsons. The Wolfsons love sunbathing, lock windows at night, and have a different understanding of Halloween costumes. Finally, the Pires decide to go back to Transylvania for a while. The Wolfsons (got the surprise here?) mourn the loss of their neighbors. I love the combination of full color (the Wolfsons) and black and white (the Pires) on the same page.

There is no excuse for not finding time to read any story in this collection aloud. They are, indeed, short and kinda scary. How about THE TURN OF THE SCREW in three GN panels? Or the story IN HIDING from Kenneth Oppel about what might lurk under your bed at night? Flying mustaches? Scary faces (from Brian Selznick), short poems by Sonya Sones and others all contribute to a fine collection perfect for sharing.
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