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Joni Bodart's RADICAL READS 2 will be published shortly. She sent me a sneak peek. Here are my thoughts.

Radical Reads 2 by Joni Bodart

The follow up to Radical Reads delivers on the promise of the initial volume. Librarians and educators and students will find this professional book useful in a variety of ways. Each of the entries included in Radical Reads 2 contains a full bibliographic citation including the approximate reading level of the book. A cast of characters and plot summary is followed by suggestions of major themes and content area tie-ins. This information will assist educators as they locate books to use in different subject areas and at different grade levels. Bodart takes books further by discussing the risks and strengths of the individual books, the awards the book may have received, and excerpts from professional reviews. All of the foregoing information may be essential in any instances of challenge to the books. Finally, Bodart’s entries contain book report ideas, questions to help guide the writing of students and a written booktalk that educators could use to introduce the books to readers.

The range of books in terms of form, format, and copyright date (including a few from 2009) will give educators and readers alike a wide variety of options for reading. Appended materials on censorship are also handy. Bodart offers timely, to the point, topical, and teacher friendly information in a format that is structured for easy access. Educators and students could readily use the book as a template for creating entries of their own as they encounter other “radical reads.”
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