professornana (professornana) wrote,

getting it

Caution: there is nothing PC about Carter. He is brash, acts without thinking too much about consequences. Generally clueless about all things girl, Cartter finds himself out of the frying pan and into the fire on more than one occasion. And let's not talk about Carter's inability to wield a razor and shave without blood letting. CARTER FINALLY GETS IT (Brilliance, 2009) was one wonderful audiobook, one that took me from Houston to Huntsville and then south to Galveston over the last few days. Carter is a freshman, one who would love nothing more than to find a hot girl, be a star on the athletic front, and maybe even make it to tenth grade. Unfortunately, Carter has some problems; he is ADD, stutters when he gets too excited, and any time spent behind the wheel of a car generally results in a collision with some bushes.

Narrator Podehl totally captures the voice of Carter. Thoughts are as random as the ADD with which Carter wrestles. The stutter is not exaggerated; the pace and phrasing spot on.
Tags: audiobook
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