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getting graphiuc (again)

Over breakfast this morning (at Egg Cetera!), I finished T MINUS (Aladdin, 2009), the story of the lunar landing told in GN format. Even though I live in Houston (and actually drove past NASA twice today), I must admit to knowing little about the race, not to space, but to the moon. Side panel illustrations offer sketches of the rockets that preceded the Apollo design and give a countdown (T Minus...) of how long it will be until the Apollo astronauts make it to the moon and back. American and Russian scientists and astronauts know the clock is ticking, know the race must be won for national pride if nothing else. So, readers will see the two different approaches to landing on the moon, to design and to process.

I still recall watching those historic first steps on our black and white TV. I do not think I was terribly amazed somehow. As a teen, I think I shrugged it off as no big deal. This book makes me think about the very big deal it was.

Tags: gn, lunar landing
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