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getting graphic

REFRESH REFRESH (First Second, 2009) is a GN by Danica Novgorodoff adapted from the screenplay by James Ponsoldt which was, in turn, based on a short story by Benjamin Percy. Talk about a convergence of media (and if you have not seen the newest edition of DID YOU KNOW 4.0 which covers this topic, it is posted to You Tube). The result is a GN that pays homage to those two other roots. Three young men whose fathers are off fighting are left to their own devices in a small town. Vignettes, stories within stories, give readers glimpses into the lives of the teens and the influences on their lives. The title refers to Josh's obsessive hitting of the "refresh"button on his email searching in vain for a letter from his father. Dark, frightening, sensitive and complex, this GN is certain to provoke discussion. Tie it to BLINDSPOT or build a reading ladder using SUNRISE OVER FALLUJAH, PURPLE HEART, I HAD SEEN CASTLES, and even A FAREWELL TO ARMS.
Tags: graphic novels, war
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