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a few more picture books

Here are a few more of the 2010 picture books from Scholastic.

Sarah's stroll through the jungle is interrupted by a lion who declares she will be his lunch. When she proves she is good at something no other animal in the jungle can do, Lion permits her to leave the jungle unharmed. What is outstanding here, and what teachers should love, are all the ways animals move and talk: rich language from Fiona Tierney and simple illustrations that sing with color, some of it monochromatic from Margaret Chamberlain.

A child clambers onto an owl and soars over a sleeping world where there is a great deal of activity as it turns out. Dark colors with splashes of white (from the moon and from the owl's wings) that light up the night and allow readers to see the wonders of the evening.

From the cover to the end papers and all the pages in between, this beautifully rendered book is a tribute to the farm and farmers. Sometimes the design is a double page spread showing the length and breadth of the fields that lie underneath the farm. Sometimes the pages are stacked with text and illustrations that travel down the page in an almost haphazard (but never without intentional design) fashion. Visually, this is a real treat. Now I want to read BEACH by Elisha Cooper, too.

Finally, no cover is available for the latest adventures of Ms. Frizzle in THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS AND THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE. I love being back in Ms. Frizzle'c class and learning along with the students. Of course, there are planes and boats and all manner of travel to study how climate is being affected by pollution and global warming. Ms. Frizzle's kids and her classes seem a little more grown up; it was lovely to see her in action once again. Lots of tips on being green here, too.
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