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09 September 2009 @ 06:42 am
shelf awareness  

The one good thing about getting up early in the morning is that there is some extra time to read. This morning I finished SHELF DISCOVERY by Lizzie Skurnick (Avon, 2009). Subtitled THE TEEN CLASSICS WE NEVER STOPPED READING, this is a collection of "book reports" on some of the all time favorite books of my (and I suspect your) childhood. Teen classics? A good many of these are books for children and not for teens, but they are all titles I knew well from firsthand experience. I loved reading Skurnick's thoughts/reviews/essays on them and found myself nodding in agreement so often. This book serves as an important reminder of the role books play in our lives. It also serves to remind us that these powerful books remain for a reason. They have become classics not just because they are still in print but because they still speak to new generations of readers.
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