professornana (professornana) wrote,

I had a decision to make when I began high school. A counselor called me and told me I was strong in two areas: science and English. Guess which one I opted to emphasize in high school? Actually, I elected to take lots of science classes. Physics ate my lunch junior year. I saw the light and determined to study English in college. However, there is still a part of me that loves science. I taught science for a few years when I first graduated. We did all sorts of experiments in class. It made me remember why I loved that subject. So, I approached the entire series of SCIENTISTS IN THE FIELD with great expectations. I was not disappointed. The latest in this series has been garnering rave reviews.

The praise is, of course, well deserved. Meet Tyrone Hayes, frog scientist. Gorgeous photos and an absorbing text combine to create a piece of nonfiction that will engage readers immediately. This would be a terrific way to introduce kids to ecosystems, environment, scientific process, and so much more.
Tags: frogs, nonfiction, series
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