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10 February 2006 @ 03:15 pm
good for what ails you  
Cold and rainy weather makes for reading time this Friday. Corrie and Natalie had already read Rx by Tracy Lynn, so I had to wait for them to finish it before I could get my own hands on it. Worth the wait. Meet Thyme, a high school student who takes Ritalin once to help her focus and study for a test. Eventually, Thyme becomes a statistic: another high school kid who abuses prescription drugs. Others in the school use Paxil or Xanax or Ritalin as well. The drug culture is alive and well and Thyme is now not just taking drugs, she is dealing them as well. What makes this story rise above a GO ASK ALICE sort of cautionary tale is the realistic approach the author takes. Thyme and her friends and her family could be living in my neighborhood. Corrie verifies my feelings about the book with stories from school of kids caught with pills or kids suspended for having aspirin or stories about what kids consider OK in terms of drugs. It is a scary world out there and some people face it by medicating themselves.

Current Mood: coldcold