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dawn colors the earth

The sun coming up this morning was a brilliant orange ball. However, it could not complete in the least with Kim Dong Hwa's THE COLOR OF EARTH (First Second, 2009).

Part one of a trilogy, this Korean manga (manwha) tells the story of the daughter of a tavern keeper from the age of 7 until 16. As each year passes, Ehwa learns more about herself, about love, and about her awakening sexuality. Her mother, always sensitive to Ehwa's mood and thus her needs, offers advice without restricting Ehwa's growth and development. Though the line drawings are rendered in black and white, readers will find it easy to fill in the colors of the flowers and the fields that comprise Ehwa's world. Her experiences with love found and lost will resonate with contemporary teens despite being in a different time and place.

The drawings are layered and the language sings with simplicity. I am anxious to read the other two books by this talented author and artist.
Tags: coming of age, gn, manwha
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