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No cover to show you until I get the chance to scan it. DAWN (Chicken House, December 2009) is the latest offering from Kevin Brooks. Fans of his dark and sometimes disturbing universe know that there are no easy answers or even questions for the characters that inhabit Brooks' novels. Dawn is no exception. When she was 13, something happened that Dawn can still not talk or think about. The event caused her to splinter into the old Dawn and the new Dawn. Neither Dawn thinks much of herself or her life. She prefers not to think at all, electing instead to immerse herself in music from The Jesus and Mary Chain. In her disjointed narrative (Dawn has to stop and start again with her telling when things get too painful, so the path for this plot is rather crooked and convoluted and twisted in on itself), readers will see a young woman dealing with everything life can throw at her. Her father is gone, disappeared after IT happened. Mom is an alcoholic. Basically Dawn keeps to herself, and she is not very good company either. Suspense, longing, tragedy, and mystery: all elements of Brooks' novels though so unexpectedly woven as to create something new each time.
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