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musings from the weekend

The conference this weekend was incredible. Each author spoke eloquently with her own unique voice about the power of books and words and reading. It was invigorating to sit and listen to Pam Ryan talk about the genesis for BECOMING NAOMI LEON, to hear Sonya Sones read from a work in progress, a sequel to WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN'T KNOW, to hear Sharon Draper talk passionately about selecting books appropriate for the age and maturity of the reader. Then, to cap off the day, there was Mem Fox raving about how hard it is to write SHORT and find just the right word and the right rhythm to create the perfect story.

Hearing these talented writers reinvigorates me to fight for books in the classroom, to fight for teachers and librarians who have freedom to control their own domains, to fight for funding for schools. Truly we are all blessed when we have the chance to remind ourselves that what we do is important.
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