professornana (professornana) wrote,

reading between naps

I am beginning to think someone has doped my CoffeeMate since I have taken to napping late in the morning. Of course, it could also be getting up before 5 am each day, too. In any event, naps have cut into my reading time of late. Today I finished this one.

We are back for a new school year at Evernight Acadcemy, the posh school for vampires. Yes, there are a few mortals among the vamps. And it is this intriguing fact that drives Bianca to break into Mrs. Bethany's rooms one night. Apparently, this unleashes a wraith at the academy. What could the wraith want? Could it be Bianca?

In this sequel to EVERNIGHT, readers are treated to further adventures of Bianca and her boyfriend, Lucas, the vampire hunter. There is romance, there are ghosts, and of course lots of BLOOD!
Tags: vampires
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