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in the good old summertine

To celebrate the completion of final edits on the forthcoming book, I took a nap and then treated myself to the new Richard Peck book. A SEASON OF GIFTS (Dial, September 09) is a gift for readers as well. I wonder as I read the latest adventures of Grandma Dowdel how Peck manages to make me forget the historical aspect of the story and instead dwell in the emotional NOW of it.

A new family moves in next door to Mrs. Dowdel in the summer of 1958, the new preacher and his family to be exact. Bob, all eleven years of him, tells of meeting Dowdel and all of the grand hijinx he and his family enjoy simply by living next to this larger than life woman. From summer to fall to winter, and one special Thanksgiving and Christmas, Peck waves his magic wand and weaves his magic story. Through Bob's eyes, we get to see life as it not only was but as he hopes it will be one day. There is plenty to laugh about and a few scenes sure to evoke other emotions as well.

One final note about the book: I was missing a detail that would have taken me time to track down since I was not at the office where all my books wait patiently for me. I posted to YALSA-BK and had the info within 90 seconds. I love librarians! I love listservs. I love having this one task done. Now on to the next...
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