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blowing through the books today

The nice thing about cooking soup is that once it is all together in the crock pot, all it requires is some stirring. So, I had some extra time even after the kids got off the bus to read another book. PUNISHED by David Lubar is a clever short chapter book, perfect for reluctant readers in intermediate grades. Talk about an audience that is often overlooked. Meet Logan, a yong man with too much energy for the library one day. As he is chasing his friend Benedict through the stacks, he runs into Professor Wordsworth. Wordsworth decides that Logan must be punished and punished he is. Logan is unable to utter a sentence without a pun sneaking in somewhere. His principal thinks this is a hoot, but his teacher does not share this enthusiasm. How can he escape this curse? Simple, first he must take photos of oxymorons, then find examples of anagrams and finally palindromes. English teachers will adore this smart and funny book by this likewise smart and funny author.

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