professornana (professornana) wrote,

demons and magicians and spells, oh my!

For as long as he can recall, Nick and his brother Alan have been on the run. Magicians and demons track them from town to town searching for a talisman stolen from them by their mother. Two teens come to Alan and Nick seeking help. Jamie has been marked by a demon. His sister Mae thinks Nick and Alan can help him. But as the four come together, the threats grow even greater. THE DEMON'S LEXICON (MeElderry, 2009) explores complex family relationships along with the equally dark territory of the demon world. Readers who enjoyed THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH will appreciate this as well.

Spent yesterday running errands while the resident of the back bedroom was at daily band camp. Installed a MIFI on 3 computers so we can all surf the net sans wires. I even cooked! Resident and I are enjoying some girl time while hubby is attending 50th high school reunion in South Carolina over the weekend. She wants to see a movie today. We might. We might also be slugs and eat junk food all day.
Tags: demons, magic, ya books
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