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Lubar offers something up for tweens

MY ROTTEN LIFE (Tor, Starscape, August 2009) has all the right stuff: farts, puke, and zombies. Meet Nathan Abercrombie, fifth grader. He is not the smartest kid, the fattest kid, the most athletic, etc. He has a firm grip on second place in the skinny category and happy not to be first or third. Of course, Nathan and his friends are often the target of the scornful Shawna and her neanderthal wanna-be boyfriend, Rodney )described as a combination of a gorilla and a slug). Enter Abigail who promises Nathan a cure via her uncle a scientist. But things go horribly awry when Abigail's uncle douses Nathan with a substance (Hurt Be Gone) than begins to transform the hapless fifth grader into a zombie. And that is just the first 3 chapters in this perfect chapter book perfect for tweens. I am looking forward to further adventures with Nathan, Abigail, and Mookie in future installments.
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