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The Quick Picks nominations have begun already for 2007. PLAYED got some good teen feedback early and is one of the ones nominated for the committee's consideration. It took no time to read through this absorbing story of Ian and Kylie. Ian begins talking to Kylie on a dare from an elite group at his school, the FBI. He is told he must date her, bed her, and get her to fall in love with him in 3 weeks if he wants to join this exclusive club. And at the outset, that is all Ian can focus on. However, he does not count on developing feelings for Kylie in the course of his courtship. Complications arise when Kylie writes Ian a love letter than is shared with Ian's pals over lunch at school. The two break up but Ian is persistent in his dream of making it up to Kylie.

Ian is a player as are his fellow classmates. Kylie is counseled by all of her friends and even Ian's own sister to be careful and proceed slowly. However, heart (and hormones) win out. I think this book will be wildly popular with kids who loved Davidson's first novel, JASON AND KYRA, and with reluctant readers who want a book with a fast moving story, characters who talk as they do, and a satisfying ending. All in all, this book is the complete package and a perfect pick for February, a month consumed with love and romance.

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