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I feel as if I have been neglecting this blog of late. Part of the reason has been sheer lack of time. June was dedicated to the wedding plans and the wedding itself. Then, there was ALA and since then travel to classes and workshops. I can almost see some light at the end of the tunnel called July (Laurie Halse Anderson refused to use the title July for this month and instead I believe we are now on June 54th). We head to Florida for vacation soon. It will be a working one for me, but I do not mind the work so much when I am looking at the ocean and taking some time off for movies and shopping and gossip with my friend Martha.

What have I been reading? Mostly, I have been reading with my ears of late given all the time in the car. I thought I would let you know which audibooks have been filling the car.

When books have strong dialects like this one, an audio version can bring the book alive. That is certainly the case with this production.

Full Cast Audio (Bruce Coville and associates) was perfect for this book. The cast of acto4rs bring the story of Katsa qand Po to life. The resident of the back bedroom and I had already read the book. Hubby had not. however, all 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed this production immensely.

Forty one years after publication, Paul Zindel's son, David, gives listeners the gift of an audiobook of THE PIGMAN. This is a book I continue to require for my YA lit class and this audio just reinforced my love for the story of John and Lorraine and Mr. Pignati. BONUS: an interview with Paul, delightful.
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