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welcome to west Texas

In a day in San Antonio, hubby and I both managed a fall (geezers that we are). I banged up a finger, knee, and hip. He banged up some ribs. What a lovely pair we are. The resident of the back room has been a boon on the trip since neither of us can be a pack horse. Bless her.

Now we are in San Angelo where I will present a day long workshop on YA books. Someone asked if I would post some of my favorites for this year. It is an odd list: children, teens, tweens, nonfiction, historical, etc. But here are the books that have stuck with me after the reading. These are also books that I think will resonate with kids. In nmo particular order:

Wintergirls by Anderson
King of the Screwups by Going
All the Borken Pieces by Burg
Hamlet by Marsden
Days of Little Texas by Nelson
Lips Touch Three Times by DiBartolo
Catching Fire by COllins
Magician's Elephant by diCamillo
When You Reach Me by Stead
Kiss in Time by Flinn
Mudshark by Paulsen
Charles and Emma by Heiligman
Peace Love and Baby Ducks by Myracle
Going Bovine by Bray
Same Difference by Vivian
Sweetheart of Prosper County by Alexander
Soul Enchilada by Gill
Unfinished Angel by Creech
The Eternal Smile by Yang and Kim
The Enemy: A Book about Peace by Cali
Marcelo in the Real World by Stork
Tales from Outer Suburbia by Tan

Rest assured there are at least a dozen more that I could add to the list. However, painful fingers and the need to dress for the workshop demand I end now and head out into the hot hot hot day in front of me.
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